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At JPG Designs we specialize in igniting the web presence of small to mid-sized legal firms so you, as an attorney, can focus on your clients and the law We are committed to creating an attractive brand for your business and designing an engaging law website that brings more clients into your office. 

Services we offer include:

Law Firm Website Upgrades & Revamps

Website Design for New Law Firms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Ads Management

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The JPG Advantage

At JPG Designs, we focus on high-quality website design and management for attorneys. Our highly skilled design and content writing team will collaborate one-on-one with you to create a professional, accurate, and informative website that reflects your specific law practice. We offer multiple revisions on content and layout until you are 100% pleased with the finished product. 

At JPG Designs we provide full-service website and marketing development including:

Our team of experts is available to consult via phone, video conference, or through messaging to ensure that your needs are fully met in terms of website buildout.

Custom layout & designs.

Websites built to convert.

Get more 5 star reviews with review marketing

Get more organic website traffic and calls with local SEO

Get your phone ringing quick with hyper targeted Google Ads management.

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First Impressions Matter

In business, you have one chance to make a first impression and your website is often your first introduction to a client. Before making a call or setting up a meeting, most clients will review your website to assess your level of expertise and find out more about you. 

Investing in an attractive, professional, easy-to-navigate website is key to your ongoing success as an attorney. When you work with JPG Designs, our experts will design an impressive, detailed website that positively reflects your services, and highlights your areas of expertise. We help to build your brand by creating a top tier website that offers built-in functionality for your clients. 

In the competitive legal world, it is true that developing an outstanding web presence can be one of the most important business decisions you make as an attorney. 

Why Small to Mid-Sized Law Firms?

You may wonder why we choose to specialize in small to mid-sized law firm websites. JPG Designs is a personalized, focused website design company, and we value working with similarly sized businesses because we believe that is where the best stories are, and where we can do our best work. You will not find a “cookie cutter approach” to our services. Each of our client websites is 100% unique and personalized. At JPG, we enjoy the challenge of developing precise branding, meaningful messaging, and customized solutions for our law firm clients around the country. 

Top Rated Services

As a new law firm, we will assist you from the ground up, building a user-friendly website that helps generate new business fast. Our websites are fully customized to represent your unique practice areas and highlight your experience. We offer sophisticated, attractive, high-quality content and design to promote your services across the web. Our knowledgeable team can help you fine-tune your brand so that you can market to and attract the specific clients that you want.

After reviewing your current website, we will recommend and design an upgraded product to enhance your web presence. Our team will make suggestions to improve the functionality and flow of your site, ensuring that it is mobile-friendly. At JPG designs we provide comprehensive website services including logo design, content development, and overall revamps to significantly improve your market presence. Whether your current site needs a mild polishing, or a strategic overhaul, we have the tools and the team to meet your needs.

JPG Designs will promote increased traffic to your website by incorporating strategic SEO keywords and phrases into your website content. A key marketing tool, savvy SEO utilization will help clients find you more frequently when they consult google for information. We aim to improve your web visibility and attract new clients to your firm by using best-practice SEO strategy.

At JPG Designs, we provide google ads management services to increase your web search visibility and improve your customer leads. With different tiers of ad management available, our team will build campaigns that optimize conversions, or “clicks” to your business, resulting in more revenue for you.

If you are ready to enhance and ignite your web presence, we are ready for you.

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