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At JPG Designs, we build customized, mobile-friendly websites to attract qualified leads to your law firm. You can also count on us to solve your digital marketing pain points without breaking the bank. We let you concentrate on your field of expertise while providing guaranteed all-in-one web design and marketing solutions for your law firm website! Lawyers should focus on what they do best - lawyering!

Local Law Firm Website Designers

Our solution for your legal practice is to conceptualize and build a cutting-edge website that delivers outstanding outcomes. These outcomes include a legal website design that’ll become the envy of your competition, as well as SEO and marketing services to grow your client base and law firm.

We’re a locally owned and operated law firm website design company in Rhode Island. We understand that lawyers and law firms have tons of questions to unravel. Our small team of experienced and motivated developers look forward to helping you dismiss the peculiar issues we can solve. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a well-designed website. We’re one call away!

Law Firm Website Design Services for Startups

Ours is a growing team of dedicated developers. Thus, it’s easy to relate with small law firms like yours in your quest for success. We offer innovative web design, SEO content writing, and online marketing solutions to solos and small law offices. At JPG Designs, our goal is to provide pragmatic and specialized solutions to growing law firms that:

  • are having too many issues with technology
  • want to expand their organization and stop being solo
  • are tired of expensive website/marketing costs or
  • want something different from what their current website/marketing company offers
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Search Engines Don't Care About Your Company's Size!

Several more prominent and more experienced attorneys get dissatisfied when newer local law firms’ sites rank higher than them. It isn’t really about how recently you launched your site or whether it’s as old as the Internet. Your law firm’s site can rank high on Google listings with the appropriate techniques and content. Here’s one way to look at it.

Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo don’t earn from their organic listings. They list websites at absolutely no cost to the website’s owners. Instead, they (search engines) earn their income from ads.

But how do they get prospective clients to view or click on ads without regular visitors? They build user confidence by first listing websites they consider most relevant to the searcher. Get this basic fact straight, and you’d want to try out our low-cost web design and SEO services. 

Search engines will rank a site higher if doing so will make a user revisit the engine in the future for the same or similar search intent. In simpler terms, the order of organic listings aims to boost user confidence in search engines rather than a lawyer.

So, here’s the catch. 

To get your website to rank highly in a search engine’s organic area, you’ll need a well-defined webpage with relevant content that offers online searchers what they want to see. Count on us to do an excellent job for your growing firm, your prospective clients–and the search engines!

Results-Driven Digital Marketing Service for Attorneys

We’re ready to work hard at marketing your law firm online, resolving the bottlenecks in your practice by:

  • raising the amount of positive online customer reviews
  • increasing the number of initial schedules and consultations from your site’s visitors
  • partnering with you to attain your firm’s unique marketing goals over a pre-agreed time

You don’t have to spend a living on a marketing strategy. We’ll work with you to develop and monitor different tactics towards achieving a cost-effective marketing endeavor.

Lawyer Website Design with Effective SEO
  • Get your firm on the first page of organic listings of search engines by engaging our highly supportive technical team. 
  • Expect personalized strategies to update your web pages as search engine dynamics change.
  • Guaranteed SEO services and more
What's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO refers to techniques and methods used for making a site more visible on Internet search pages. It embodies a range of professional tactics aimed at driving traffic to a modern law firm website and–where applicable–ultimately increasing conversion rates. 

Imagine your firm’s name on the first page of Google listings for a “Rhodes-Island-Attorney-near-me” search. That’s what SEO aims to achieve. SEO complements other practice growth ventures like networking and client retention plans to improve your firm’s overall popularity.

What We'll Do to Improve Your Law Firm Website's Search Engine Organic Listings

Premium Content Generation

  • We’ll develop a template web design area to support the SEO plan;
  • Continuous technical content development via blog posts; and
  • Update your site’s legal content regularly to meet up with changing search engine algorithms.

Local Reputation and Visibility Management

  • We’ll set up a branded Google My Business description for easy navigation to local Internet searches;
  • Provide personalized search optimization for driving local traffic; and
  • Help generate local reviews for upstart law firm websites.

Overall On-the-Web Popularity

  • We’ll work towards syndicating your firm’s content on authority sites;
  • Improve domain rankings by linking highly relevant domains to your website; and
  • Paid listings on best law firm websites’ directories, such as NOLO and 

Custom Monitoring and Regular Reporting

  • Track the amount of traffic your website generates;
  • Report your site’s ranking regularly; and
  • Monitor conversion rates and leads from your site’s CTA.

We’re eager to help you grow your legal profession by eliminating the distractions we can handle. Our track record of quality services and excellent customer support ranks us among the top web design companies in Rhode Island. Contact JPG Designs today, and you’ll soon be referring other law firms to us.

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