Should I Attempt a DIY Website or Hire a Pro? – Why You Should Contact a Professional Web Designer Today.

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Should I Attempt a Do It Yourself (DIY) Website or Hire a Pro? – Why You Should Contact a Professional Web Designer Today.

If you are looking to build a new site or fix an old one, you have two options; build a website yourself or hire a professional. A few years ago, the obvious choice would have been to hire a professional web designer. However, the rise of website builders has allowed people with limited web design knowledge to create a basic website. This way, it is not out of the picture for one to be tempted to go DIY. Before you decide whether to look for a DIY website solution or hire a pro, look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options for you to make the right choice, read on!

Pros of a DIY Web Design


This is one of the biggest reasons why people consider going DIY. The cost of using a web builder is affordable, and most of them offer packages where you can get a domain name and basic hosting all in one. If you are tech savvy it can sometimes be easier to build a website this way. Besides, you save the money you would have used to pay a professional website builder to do the job for you.

Easy to Build

Website builders have been simplified to the extent that anyone can use them to build a site. You do not need to spend days learning how to use one, and once you are up to speed, it is easy to change any part of your website within minutes rather than having to dwell in it.


DIY builders have simplified the process of building a site to avoid overwhelming users with too many options. They have a reasonable degree of customizable options that are sufficient to make an excellent site. This way, you do not need to tweak everything to the finest detail. Widgets are available if you want to add specific functionalities to your site.

Cons of a DIY Web Design


Real website designers and developers know that those built using website DIY builders cannot match up with a custom designed and developed website. When using a DIY website builder, you are limited to basic templates and features offered by that builder. This way, you cannot create a website that fully aligned with your requirements, business goals and marketing goals.

Time Consuming

Unless you are an experienced web developer, trying to understand some of the essentials of a successful website won’t be easy. Well, you can create a website and deploy it, but if you are looking to build a serious business site that has a lot of features and drives new business, this will require a lot of time and research. This will shift your focus from some of the core business activities that you should be worrying about.

Your Competition

Your website is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign as all of your potential customers and clients will want to check out your website before they contact you. Because of this, you need a dependable site that loads fast, is reliable and helps grow your business. In most industries a basic DIY will not stack up effectively against your competition. You’ll need to work with a professional website designer that has the expertise to build a competitive website for your business. It should be well designed for SEO if you want to rank on the search engines. In a nutshell, a DIY website will be inferior to the competition, and this will go a long way in determining your lead generation and sales.

If you are running a business and want to invest in online marketing efforts, a website is the first thing you should invest in. This is your online headquarters, and any lapses can cost you a lot of money in potential sales. In most cases a professional website is a must have and you cannot afford to gamble with attempting to build a website yourself. Experts understand the current web design requirements such as mobile responsiveness, overall website flow/layout needs, SEO, call to actions, advanced functionality, etc that are necessary for making your site ideal for promoting your business.

If you are still wondering whether to get a DIY website or hire pros, find a reliable local web designer to handle this project for you. When searching for a local website designer, especially in the Rhode Island area, please contact JPG Designs! We offer free initial consultations via phone call, Zoom or in person. Our teas has experience in building top-tier websites that are SEO friendly and robust enough to accommodate a plethora of functionalities from simple business websites, to complex ones with registrations, dynamic content, eCommerce stores, blogs, forums, and many others. The team will keenly gather your requirements and work with you to make sure that they deliver the perfect website for you.

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