5 Simple Tips on How to Design a Successful Website

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5 Simple Tips on How to Design a Successful Website

5 Simple Tips on How to Design a Successful Website
Written by: Jeff Pratt
Building a successful website is both an art and science. You have to choose the best design and ensure that the content is relevant, of the best quality and easy to comprehend. Here are 5 effective tips that can assist you building a successful website.
1. Useful and informative content
A website with well crafted, original and easy to comprehend information that’s spiced with fantastic imagery attracts high quality links and awesome exposure in the social media world. The reason why people go online is to find relevant, informative and free information. If you are able to pass across your message in a manner which makes it stand out from the pack, you will definitely be able to stand out from the competition. This way, you’ll be able to attract massive traffic directly or indirectly therefore helping you achieve your goals.

2. Basic SEO
Basic SEO is an integral component of your website from the design stage. You can work with professional web designers at JPG Designs to ensure that your website comes top when a search is done. Among the considerations that need to be taken into account are:
· Ensure that meta-title tags are included
· Ensure that the keywords are used naturally and optimally.
· Provide article titles that can act as link baits
· Make the website easy to navigate
· Include a sitemap
· Make sure that H1, H2 as well as H3 tags are used effectively.
· Using analytical software to track the performance of your website.
· Avoid posting duplicate content on your website.

3. Design
Other than providing high quality content, you’ll also require some fantastic graphics for your website. You shouldn’t fall for generic templates that are mostly available for free. Also, you shouldn’t use a paid for template that’s available to other buyers online. It really pays to design a successful website from scratch. This design doesn’t need to be expensive and jaw dropping, but can be user-friendly, simple and have a clean appearence. However, your design shouldn’t just be done for the search engines, but also for the human beings who use the website.

4. Speed
If you have a good website, you shouldn’t make your visitors go through the agony of waiting for minutes for the pages to load. It all starts with basic code and design considerations. To achieve faster speeds, here are tips that can help you.
· Choose a good server.
· Proper optimization of the code.
· Any image that’s used should be optimized.
· Consider using sprites.
· Use tools such as YSlow, Pingdom, and Google Speed and Web Page test.
· Ensure that static components and pages should be minified whenever there is need.
· Consider the use of CDN for static- content.

5. Monetization
Wait until your website gains traction before you start monetizing it. There are many possibilities to achieving this goal and it’s good that you experiment. You can promote affiliate products, place ads or sell your own products to make money from your website.


Building a successful website is possible given that you know how to go about it. Of course, working with experienced professionals such as a JPG Designs is the way to go, but the above 5 tips can help you design a successful website.

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