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Smart businesses like yours are responding to their customers with a well-designed, mobile and tablet-ready and search-engine-friendly website.


Put bluntly, we can help to grow your business through a great web presence.

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The Five Stages of a JPG Designs Website

Our System creates a foundation for building a site that achieves your business goals.


web-researchWhat’s your vision for your company’s web presence? How do you want your website to look and feel? How do your competitors position themselves online? What keywords will attract the kind of visitors from search engines that you actually want?


website-designIf you don’t think it’s beautiful, chances are good that your customers won’t, either. This stage is the fun part: where you get to watch the look and feel you imagined come to life. It’s also where we make sure that everything down to the finest detail looks the way you envisioned.


web-developmentBehind every great website is a careful, detail-obsessed development process to ensure that your site is built for speed, ease of navigation, and a stellar user experience. We develop specific page architecture to direct traffic flow and drive users to contact you!

Go Live

liveNone of this hard work matters if you can’t share it with your customers, attract new customers, and grow your business. Even though this is the final stage of the website, it’s only the beginning of building your web presence.

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Drive Sales

drive-salesSo now you have this fantastic website, but how do you get results, leads and sales from it?.. Don’t worry we got that part down. We use laser targeted marketing programs to find customers looking to buy your products and services.

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