Hiring? How to Find the Perfect Addition to Your Team

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You have a strong brand, an efficient business model, and a growing client base. The future looks bright in terms of anticipated revenue. You’ve decided that closing the distance between present and future success is going to heavily rely on bringing in someone who can provide the right blend of talent and team spirit. Hiring the perfect individual can drive momentum towards goals you’re already pursuing. It can also help you to move in bold new directions. Read on for tips on how to proceed most wisely.

Be Methodical

Personality assessments can help determine whether a potential candidate is a good fit. Recent research has shown that evaluating how compatible an applicant is for an opening for which they’re applying has become the new norm. Additionally, at least 62 percent of human resources heads rely on apps that gather information about candidates. These assessments and apps can work together to help determine if a candidate is the right fit for the opening they’re trying to fill.

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Vet Candidates

Spark and charisma are two powerful forces that can influence you to hire someone during an interview. It’s absolutely essential, however, to conduct a thorough background check and confirm that their references are valid. Everyone like resumes to sizzle, but the excessive bending of the truth can reveal a lack of professionalism or discomfort with following basic protocol.

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Conduct Multiple Interviews

A first interview can be a preliminary discussion in which you establish that a candidate has a level of skills and interest you find desirable. Inviting members of your team to sit at the same table with you and your prospective hire later, however, can give you insight into how they communicate and interact with others within your company before formally offering them the position. The opportunity to be invited in for a second interview shouldn’t be extended to every applicant. It should only be justified when there’s a strong sense that someone you’ve spoken to already is close to becoming part of your company.

Source: Why Should HR Schedule a Second Interview?  

Bringing in new energy and expertise can positively impact a business, but it’s important that a new hire fit the existing framework or they won’t be around for long. Common reasons employees leave companies are that they’re dissatisfied with their compensation or don’t feel like they’re on a growth track, but those types of misunderstandings can be avoided by taking the time to make sure your onboarding a candidate whose goals and aspirations match up with yours.

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