JPG Designs Goes to: WordCamp US

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Why JPG Designs wants to go to WordCamp US…

Hi, I’m Jeff Pratt owner of JPG Designs, I own a small web design firm located in little Rhody (Rhode Island). We specialize in WordPress and work mostly with local clients. I was first introduced to WordPress about 8 years ago and haven’t stopped using it since! I’m always researching and learning new tricks, tips and techniques on how to improve my own WordPress website as well as my clients. Using WordPress and several great hosting platforms like Bluehost (not just saying that.. I actually use Bluehost myself and have referred several clients) allows me to smoothly and efficiently run my company everyday. I feel like going to WordCamp would take myself and my business to the next level! I received an entry into the Bluehost WordCamp US Giveaway, for writing this post.



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