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Establishing a great web presence can help you reach out to an entirely new market. JPG Designs does extensive research on each company we build websites for to help create a personalized and targeted website. This will help you drive sales, while also being extremely happy with the overall design of your website. We offer other online marketing services, such as search engine optimization and Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click marketing. For more information, please call us at 401-737-9321 today!

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Creating a new website is a big decision to make, and at JPG Designs we will walk you through the process to make it as simple as possible. We take pride in every site we work on, and we strive to deliver only world-class results. Watching your website develop and come to life is an exciting process, which we gladly will include you in. Once your site is live, you will notice that it is designed to keep your customer’s attention and increase their interaction on your site. Our goal is to make sure your customers spend as much time on your site in an effort to drive sales and make you more money.
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If potential customers are having a hard time finding your website, it doesn’t matter how well designed your website is. That is why search engine optimization is such an important part of establishing a great web presence. JPG Designs offers both SEO and PPC services to help bring customers to your website, and improve your organic rankings on all search engines.

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Your company logo is where your customer’s eyes will be fixed after they click on your site. The first impression is the most important, and the same goes for your logo. If you have a poorly designed, or out dated logo, your customers may falsely assume that’s how your products or services are also sub-par quality. JPG Designs can help create a custom logo for your brand that will leave your customers with the right first impression.

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