Online Marketing Strategies to Improve Local Business Traffic

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Today’s business markets require companies to stay competitive and remain highly visible online. Whether you are a national chain, small local business, or a new startup company, there are steps each brand can take to improve the amount of local online traffic. Consider the following information, which can help any business increase their local traffic, to help increase brand awareness and connect directly with their target audience. Over time, you will begin to notice the difference these actions make in the volume of visitors who can easily become customers.


One of the keys to maintaining your online presence is to ensure you post your business’s name, address, and phone number for most content or advertising related to your business. For example, your primary website should always contain this information which helps the search engine present your site for local queries related to products or services your business offers. In addition, this also ensures potential customers don’t have to search for contact or location information which can deter them from choosing your company. Without the name, address, and phone number, your business may not show up in the list of search results for a related query. You should also include contact information on social media posts and any advertisements located throughout the web, if possible.

Harness Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available right now and can help ensure a steady flow of local traffic if used properly. Social media is useful to businesses of all sizes and in most industries. If you haven’t focused attention to your social media campaigns or you don’t have a social media campaign yet, it is time to direct your energy to the proper platforms. Choosing a platform requires careful consideration of your target audience and knowing which platforms they frequent.

Regular Blog Posts

A proven method used to increase local business traffic is regular blog posts. When a business posts with regularity, viewers will anticipate seeing the blog entries and will visit the website to catch up on the latest additions. It is especially important to post content that provides valuable information or that is entertaining and captures the attention of the reader. The posts don’t have to be about the company directly, but it does help to create content that highlights a service or has some relevance to the brand featuring the blog post.

Advertising Budget

Most people know that advertising is one of the keys to getting your brand in front of the public and helping generate the interest of potential customers. The mistake that many businesses make is not allowing a generous online marketing budget. Setting aside a healthy budget will ensure you are able to advertise through various channels and get your business name seen and heard by the community. It is also important to know which marketing channels to use, and when. For example, if you are wanting to generate general brand awareness, pay-per-click ads are very useful, or if you are planning a large event, you may consider using social media posting.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Targeted email campaigns are still highly effective and can help cement a relationship with qualified leads and turn them into potential customers. Research shows that targeted email campaigns have a high local ROI for businesses. A targeted email campaign consists of emails and lead information generated from a variety of sources. Usually, the email is provided directly by the lead from a social media link, contest entry, or request for additional information and updates from your company. A good targeted email campaign will provide a variety of helpful information, such as offers for special discounts delivered exclusively via email, helpful tips and advice, and to even advertise local events. To get the maximum benefit from this strategy, make sure to keep the information relevant, fresh, and beneficial for highlighting your business. Make sure to also keep a regular email campaign schedule so you stay connected with leads and keep them informed about useful information.

Internal Content Links

Providing online content is a top marketing strategy, but did you know that providing internal links back to your site is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic? When posting content, whether it be a blog post or direct website content, try to include a link, where appropriate, back to your home page or landing page. If you’re using internal links, be sure to link to the relevant page on your website so the viewer can easily connect with the information they are after without having to click additional tabs. This will help improve your site bounce rate and keep visitors on your web pages longer.

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion works to benefit both parties who agree to participate. By mentioning another businesses and brands, you receive the same exposure in return. This is an excellent and cost-effective strategy that can benefit immensely if executed properly. In many cases, you won’t need to pay for this relationship. Using this technique can really boost site traffic, especially if you partner with a company in a related field or a business that is respected in the community. Consider including mentions in blog posts and posts on social media.

Use these valuable tips to help you increase your local online traffic, which, in turn, will translate to increased sales. Maintaining your brand visibility is crucial in today’s marketing climate and can help create long-term success with continued attention to smart online marketing strategies.

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