The true value of having a website for your small business

the true value of having a website for your small business

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The true value of having a website for your small business

Many people have toyed with the idea of getting a website for their business, organization. Often people will decide against having a website because they assume that having one is either too complicated or too expensive. Having a website is neither difficult or extremely costly. But why should you consider getting a website? How can a site help you? Hardly any new business can achieve the recognition it deserves or competes with other similar businesses without a web presence. The time we are living in has often been referred to as “The Age Of Information”. Millions of people have access to anything they want to know with a simple stroke of a key or click of a mouse. With over a billion users globally and counting, the internet has forever changed the way that we communicate, shop and live our lives. The majority of the planet earth has internet access and uses it. The number of internet users is just staggering and is growing rapidly. Many things that people used to spend hours doing can be achieved in seconds with a computer and from the comfort of their living room.

the true value of having a website for your small business

Most studies suggest that many customers will search the internet for products and businesses before they even leave the house to buy. It is often the internet that decides where they will go once they have gotten into their car. Which means if you do not have a website, they won’t be driving to your place of business. Given the ease and affordability of a website, why would anyone risk losing business so easily? The average cost of hosting a site is ten dollars a month with many hosting companies offering even lower rates. Assuming you can find a quality web designer to build an attractive and functional website for a reasonable price, why would you choose not to have a website? As a matter of fact, the general public has grown to expect businesses to have a website. It has become a common way for customers and potential customers to contact, ask questions and even buy products. If nothing else, having a website will help to create a more professional image for your business and will give your clients another way to communicate with you.

You may have a successful business without a website, but have you thought about the benefits of starting a website and expanding your business further. You may not believe that you could take advantage of a website, or you may think that it is not within your budget. Maybe you don’t think your potential customers look for what you have online. Well, by thinking these things, and staying away from the web, you could be missing out on a significant number of potential customers, clients and other opportunities. The internet is often the first place someone will visit when looking for or researching products and services. If you are not there, you are most likely going to miss out on their business. No matter what size your business is, or what you have to offer, the internet can help you succeed!

Here are just a few reasons why your small business needs to have a website.

Improve your customer service

1. Having a website will improve your customer service. A website allows you to give your customers more information about the products and services that you provide. They can see as much or as little as they want. It’s an easy way to keep them informed on the latest trends in your business area. You’ll also find a section for frequently asked questions can be extremely helpful and can provide them with the information they may be looking for.

Save you time

2. Making a website for your business can save you time. If a customer can get all the information they need from a website, it means there is no need for them to make a phone call or ask their many questions face to face. This will give you time to spend on the customers you have in your store. You can also include an online catalogue with product descriptions and details so potential customers have all they need to know in the one place.

Gain credibility

3. A website will help your business gain credibility. Many of your customers will be using the internet to search for products or services. By having a website, they can find you and see that you are serious. A website may be the first thing people see about your business so it is important to ensure it looks professional and gives the image that you want to show.

Keep your customers informed

4. Your website can be used to keep your customers informed of new products or services as well as changes to your business. You can update all your business details so that everyone can see what is happening. This is an effective way to let customers know of everything without needing to print information and mailing it out to them.

Always available

5. The internet is always available. This means your website is always available. It may be 3 am in the morning, and while you are sleeping, potential customers could be looking at your website considering making a purchase. There is no other way to get this 24-hour business unless you keep your store open 24 hours a day.

Can’t afford not to have a website

6. You may not think that you can afford a website, but honestly, we believe you can’t afford not to have one. Yes, it may cost at first, but in the long run, you’ll find that you’ll be saving money. Once a website is up and running, it can cost under $100 per month and sometimes can be as little as $20. This may be an extra cost but, think of all the new customers you will gain. It easily becomes profitable!

Target your customers

7. If you just have one little store in a small town, you may struggle to get many customers. If you have a website, you can target anywhere you want to. If you want to start selling overseas, you can. Having a website increases your market.

The website is a cost saving instrument to promote and sell products and services. Be it in your locality or global market a website allows you to display your products. You can explain what made your products outstanding among the other products on the market, what made you different from them and showed testimonials of satisfied customers that already tried your product. Moreover, it is not easy for service type businesses to demonstrate their services in a store or office all the time. The web let you introduce the service and the professionals who are offering the service. A website can also be a great tool not only for promotion of the products and services that you provide. You can use your website for billing, collecting, etc. Whether you are selling customized t-shirts or selling phone services, you can actually transact with your customer with a website.

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