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Web Design Trends in 2016

Not a day passes without a new minor breakthrough design or other unique and creative use web design codes manner. The body of web design is elegant and trans-formative, shedding layer after layer and evolves every second. Needless to say that the web design trends are extremely changeable. They are affected by different factors, so it is almost impossible to tell what trends dominate in a year or two in advance. As we move quicker into the 21st century, the Internet has probably become one of the biggest technologies that influence land and is the greatest invention of man arguably far. Therefore, it is quite obvious that all the industries associated with the Web itself have grown tremendously. Web design has evolved in the same way, and in fact, the Internet has become the largest platform to showcase creativity. It is no wonder that so many web design agencies worldwide have gained strength. However, in the second quarter of 2016, what happened with design trends that have been followed so far?

Web Design Trends in 2016

Get down with it; there is not a single design philosophy that could carry the load in 2016, but, in fact, a good number of them. Here, let’s take a look at some of the design trends that have either emerged or already, or are about to be prominent.

• Color Patterns Bold: This is a definite winner. If you just look at some of the biggest brands and their websites, everyone around the world will look for a bolder, more colorful and touch. This is also the reason why contrast is preferred. So, instead of simple, muted color combinations, they expect the trends to follow patterns bolder color.

• Slicker Animations: We have adopted this almost. With GIF of social networks and websites by storm becoming smarter by the day, it is time to evolve to the animations are so used to. Looking ahead, stop waiting for the plane-Jane animations and those old hourglass animations load (well, that has been treated).

• Material Design Language: With shadows and subtle animations to emphasize the interaction, materials design was originally a design philosophy invented by Google back in 2014. However, instead of being limited to smartphones, which is now being used each once numerous websites, and a large part of them and display web pages on mobile devices based on the design of materials. Trends in website design are sure 2016 will continue in the same line, and you can expect even more important for the design of materials shortly.

• Notifications, Customizations: You may have already realized this. Some websites now support push notifications browsers like Google Chrome, and it is found that a whole point of sites that rely on content sharing and even online business. And yes, add customization features to the checklist too.

• Interactivity supports multiple platforms: Increasingly, designers and programmers recognize the need for consistency across platforms. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is used to respond and adapt to a variety of screen sizes. A website that has a fluid and unified design that changes depending on the platform is much more interactive than a small screen with a full design designed for a desktop computer. Similarly, SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics are increasingly popular on the web this year as a way to scale effortlessly images, improving the design control and providing higher quality for retina screens. The mobile user interface style flat (UI) has also increased dramatically in popularity in recent years, pointing to a lack of gradients, block colors and bright design. First popularized in the mainstream media by Microsoft meter design that aimed to focus more on content and less on graphics, it has since been adopted by the panel Windows 8 and Xbox 360. Later this year, iOS7 Apple’s new iPhone will come on the market with a new stylish design that also has an interface largely to flat style. Along with this is the increasing use of vivid colors and unified but striking typography, with all these elements are adopting web designs as a way to further simplify the user experience

• Minimalism: The minimalist trend also highlights the elements of design and layout of a page. Web sites with less content, such as designer handbags are becoming more favorable an incredibly minimalist design with bold contrasting colors, which act as spacers plans for different sections of content. Enter box exhaustion rule widely used around the author’s introduction page condensing to a small area. A large footer with links and general information complete this provision card business-rescue. Similarly, companies are using the pages of simplistic pictorial destination to introduce products and services to potential customers: A minimum focus very well presented, designed to highlight content that allows consumers to find information as quickly and easily as possible.

The sneak-peak above certainly give an idea as to trends in web design that your website should follow, and you can expect to reap popularity from now on. But yes, there is a small detail that we lack here: design is abstract, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Any design might work for you, sometimes even defying all trends as noted above. The key is to get advice from web design companies and seek flexible options in the sector. In short, they expect trends since last year to return more finesse in 2016.

As companies try and keep up with the pace of evolution in design philosophies, there are some web design businesses in Rhode Island, more specifically in Warwick and Providence that are carrying the flame further with improvements in techniques existing website design. JPG Designs is one such company that has changed the game with intuitive to use mobile websites that look as good as they behave. Whether material design, animated slides, design interactive websites, or something similar directly from your design book 2016, the design team at JPG Designs can certainly handle all of that and more! You can contact them at 401-559-1217 or check out the website at:

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