Top 10 reasons to have a website or upgrade your outdated website.

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Have you ever asked yourself… why do I need a website for my business?

1. To Establish Your Online Presence

Promoting your business online is no longer a choice but a necessity to compete in today’s market. A large percentage on potential clients/customers will want to look at your website before they think about calling you. Without a website your missing out on a gold mine and endless opportunities.

2. Gives You Credibility

A professionally designed website will give you more creditably and will infuse confidence in new and existing customers. You website will give them the impression respectability, trust, professionalism and quality. Having an up to date modern website will visibly increase the value of your company. However a poor website may hurt your credibility.

3. 24/7 – 365

Unlike your office or store-front your website is available to viewers around the world day & night and will never stop running. You are able to communicate all of your information, hours, services, bio’s ect.. This saves time on your end by not having to tell all this information to the potential customer and meanwhile the site is selling the customer on your company.

4. Reach out to New Customers and Markets

Let’s say that you get all of your business through referrals from your local network. While getting referrals is great, because its is much stronger then just a lead and typically turns into a sale. With a website you are reaching outside of that referral zone that only expands so far. A website gives you the availability to expand your market in and out of your state, into regionally and worldwide.

5. They Are Looking For You

Customers who go to your website are specifically looking for your products or services. Unlike putting an ad up somewhere and hoping potential customers see it, instead they want to find you. They have found your site through google, Facebook, twitter ect.. That customer is ready to make a purchasing decision and that decision is your business.

6. ROI

Having a website can be the greatest return on your investment for marketing your company. Your website is a 24/7 sales machine that will drive business! With your site you can see the results and user statistics with google analytics. In a lot of cases if you get 1 or 2 new sales, clients or customers with your website it can pay for itself.  When compared to the costs associated with traditional advertising methods such as direct mail, newspaper or magazine ads, or radio and television, the cost of a web site is nominal.

7. Because Your Competition Has One

Most businesses have a website. It is very unlikely that your competitors do not. If they don’t, they may not be too happy to hear that you have one. Staying ahead of your competition is and will be a constant battle with any company and in all aspects of your business. Why should your website be any different. What will customers think if your competitors all have a beautiful and effective web site design and you have no website or just a Facebook page?

8. To Improve Your Customer Service

Utilize your website as a added full-times employee that never stops working for you. Having web tools such as a custom contact form for your potential customers/clients to fill out will save time and get right to the point. When they fill out the form and answer questions to narrow down exactly what they are looking for, when and how they need the product/service ect.. This way you are prepared and ready to contact the new client and make the sale also having things like an FAQ section, tools & tips and downloadable customer documents are more powerful ways to maximize your site.

9. A World With No Website or a Poor Website

With an attractive web site, customers will find your business more professional, dynamic, and modern. They’ll know that you are the better option to serve their requirements. Businesses without a web site are often considered by many customers as small & inept. Having no website gives the perception that you are ‘hiding’  and don’t care about your web presence or online image. On the other hand a business with an unprofessional web page design will looks like uncertain and unprofessional.

 10. Accessibility & Convenience

When is the last time you used the yellow pages to find a local business or service? If you can’t remember or you are young enough to never have used that big yellow book then its obvious that its a dead resource and form of advertising. Google and other search engines have ‘all the answers’ and will find what we are looking for in a matter of seconds. Having a top of the line website will bring you into the vast online community and will make your business more accessible then ever!

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