10 Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2022

10 upcoming web design trends for 2022 002

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Given the fast-changing technological world we live in today, it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends to keep your website interesting and engaging. Users are looking beyond what your website says to what it can do in terms of fast load times, mobile responsiveness and accessibility. In addition, companies need to be more inventive now more than ever to capture curious visitors and turn them into trustworthy customers. Here are the web design trends we think are going to shape this coming year in 2022.

1. Simple and Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is an unassuming aesthetic that keeps catching web designers’ eyes by proving that less is more. Back in the day, the interface design was predominantly cluttered with fancy flourishes, but designers have moved from maximalist over the years. Minimalism involves using simple shapes, uncluttered text, limited color schemes, few UI elements, dramatic typography, and empty space. A minimalist site with a maximum appeal benefits the user by improving the load time and better compatibility between screen sizes. A New York cleaning company website, Oboosho, is an excellent example of a simple and minimalist website design.

2. Embedded Videos on Homepages

Video streaming is more popular and faster than ever before, thanks to today’s broadband internet connections on both desktop and mobile devices. As such, it makes sense to embed a video on your website. Designers are utilizing this technique to grab the viewers’ attention and relay information more effectively. For instance, the McAninch homepage has embedded videos of their staff and projects.

A good piece of video can also go a long way in educating readers, sparking discussions, and creating awareness for your brand. We believe in 2022, you will see more engaging background videos as it maximizes your online business presence and helps visitors engage with your web content.

3. Abstract Shapes and Graphics

Abstract shapes create a simplified representation of a real-life shape. They are commonly signify something to people, such as where to park or which bathroom to use. In web and graphic design, they are being used in logos. Logos are the symbol that customers use to identify your brand. Brands like the elje group have begun to use these shapes to attract users’ attention.

4. Diagonal Lines and Section Separators

Horizontal lines have long been used to segment information on web pages, making them user friendly and easier to read. However, our team found that diagonal lines can work better than horizontal lines. They go beyond by drawing the users’ eyes across the page, creating interest throughout the various sections.

5. Isometric Graphics

Isometric graphics are currently the hottest trend in the web design world. The trend dates back to the early 1980s, when designers used it to create video games. The isometric design makes 2D flat designs more clear and realistic by converting them to complex 3D structures and can be seen on many websites, logos, and infographics. This design offers businesses a simple yet creative marketing approach.

6. Non-Traditional Scrolling

There are several techniques of scrolling down a webpage, but most websites usually use vertical scrolling. Other scrolling types include horizontal, long, infinite, and parallax scrolling. Some of these non-traditional scrolling types might be just what your website needs to complement its theme and content. For example, the Gelateria Amande website utilizes horizontal scrolling. We look forward to seeing more designers try out non-traditional scrolling in 2022.

7. Dark Mode and Low Light

Dark mode and low light are among the biggest revolutions in design that’s just getting fired up. Designers are increasingly using dark mode, which allows the user to switch the background from light to dark to increase contrast and make neons and pastels pop. Even world-class brands like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Google have brought this trend into their designs. But this web design trend is about more than simply boosting the visibility of various elements.

Studies show that dark mode limits eye strain because it reduces blue light exposure and glare, plus it can save battery life on the user’s device. As a result, many visitors end up spending more time on the site.  Our team believes that websites allowing visitors to customize their user experience with the option to toggle between dark and light themes will continue to grow in 2022.

8. Gradient Color Schemes

Colors play a vital role in designing a website. Bold colors help the site to stand out and provide a unique look. Gradient color schemes are not a new trend; they’ve been around the web in Graphic and UI design for a long time. They have evolved from subtle color overlays to eye-catching backgrounds. Gradients are often used to add depth to designs and branding, serve as a striking background or softly add texture to an illustration. A WordPress page builder, elegant themes has done a great job showcasing this trend.

9. LARGE Attention-Grabbing Titles

In today’s digital era, if you want your information to be seen by users, you must seize their eyes. Titles with attractive fonts and a bold and heavy look instantly grab the reader’s eyes. Titles should not only be large but should also sound like a solution to the user’s problem or answer their question. Your titles must contain keywords and phrases like how do I, what is, and can you help me. The large titles guide the designer to put more emphasis on attracting the user’s attention. Austin Eastciders displays large heading tags in their homepage web design.

10. Detailed Footers

It is vital to make it easy for visitors to your website to find the information they’re looking for. Most designers put all the important information such as contact information, copyright information, and terms of service in a footer allowing visitors to access it easily. Using detailed footers also helps avoid cluttering the homepage and losing a clean design. You can highlight the important pages you think visitors will be most interested in with a website footer. Check out how 360gardalife has incorporated additional homepage elements in the footer space.

Scale Your Web Design To New Heights

At JPG Designs, we understand that not all web design trends are required for a website. We would rather keep up with the trends and only use them if they match the needs of your users and are likely to optimize your profitability. With this in mind, if your business is ready to make its mark on the web, get in touch with our team of experts today at 401-737-9321.

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