DIY / Free & Paid Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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All companies and organizations that want to expand their reach online need a website and branded content to match. Even those without a website, should have one created with optimized web content. The website of an organization is vital and it is one of the best ways to market what your company is all about. However, getting a website is only the first step. Website traffic is crucial to ensure that the campaign is a success and driving people to the website is the challenge. Below are some DIY / free and paid methods that will help drive more traffic to your website. Of course you will want to measure your website traffic with a tool such as Google Analytics.

DIY / Free Methods

There are various free methods that an organization can get more traffic to their websites. One of the best ways is the use of social media. A social media presence is vital in the social driven world today. Companies are building profiles on all platforms where they can interact with their target clients and relate to their needs. The use of hashtags related to the company’s products and services can be crucial.

Other free methods of getting more traffic to the website include the following:

  • Blogs and fresh website content – Content is King when it comes to Google, adding fresh blog posts to your website on a consistent basis will help drive more traffic.
  • Google business profile optimization – Google has a free optimization for businesses which can help the business look more professional.
  • Email marketing – email marketing such as regular newsletters can help to keep people going back to your website.
  • Use of backlinks – these are links that are posted on other websites that will lead back to your website. It can be a friend’s website.

Paid Methods

Minimizing costs is always a pivotal goal for any business. However, at the end of the day, we all want quality and efficient methods that will lead to website traffic. Paid methods bring in value for money and will definitely drive more traffic to the website. Here are some of the paid methods that you can use to get more traffic to your website:

  • Website design – The design and layout of your website is vital and first impressions matter. People use about 2-seconds to decide if they stay in a website and retention is vital in getting more traffic.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization is perhaps the most used method of getting more traffic. Optimization can help your website appear as a top search based on keywords and location.
  • Google ads – In a search engine, ads appear at the top. You can make your website part of Google paid ads appearing at the top or in other websites.
  • Social media ads – Another great way to drive traffic is with targeted social media ads. These typically work best with business to consumer companies.

JPG Designs

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