A Year in Review – Elevating Brands Across Industries

A Year In Review

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we at JPG Designs take a moment to reflect on the diverse and impactful projects that have shaped our journey. Our commitment to excellence in web design, SEO, and user experience has propelled us to collaborate with exceptional clients across various industries. Join us as we revisit […]

Self Managed Hosting vs Professional Web Hosting & Webmaster Service

self managed hosting vs professional web hosting webmaster service 000

Are you trying to decide on a cheap hosting provider versus having your website hosted and supported by a professional company? There are so many variables on what could go wrong if you go with a cheap website host. It’s just like trying to maintain your car, if you’re not a mechanic, then you should […]

Why Your Website Should Be ADA Compliant

why your website should be ada compliant 003

If you are not ADA compliant, your website is not doing its job. ADA compliance is crucial for any business that wants to be successful in today’s world. ADA compliance makes it easier for people with disabilities to use the internet and interact with businesses on a level playing field. Many ADA compliance standards can […]

Is WordPress the Best Website Building Platform?


Supporting around one-third of the world’s websites, WordPress has emerged as one of the most versatile platforms for presenting helpful content. From personal blogs to sites for international corporations such as NBC and Sony, WordPress represents an easy to download and free website development platform that begs one question. How Does WordPress Fare against the […]

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