Is WordPress the Best Website Building Platform?


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Supporting around one-third of the world’s websites, WordPress has emerged as one of the most versatile platforms for presenting helpful content. From personal blogs to sites for international corporations such as NBC and Sony, WordPress represents an easy to download and free website development platform that begs one question.

How Does WordPress Fare against the Competition?

Followed by Drupal and Joomla, WordPress sits at the top of the list of the most frequently used website building platforms. WordPress receives rave reviews from users for its prompt and knowledgeable customer support that is available around the clock. No other website building platform comes close to touching WordPress in terms of customer support. You also have the option to customize your site by adding features that deliver specialized functions. Unlike Drupal and Joomla, WordPress does not require a PhD in computer programming to get a site up and running. When setting up WordPress it is best to use a WordPress Design Agency, to achieve the best results and a design that fit your business.

Here are six other reasons why WordPress is the best website building platform.

1. Wide Variety of Uses

Initially developed to provide bloggers with an online platform, WordPress has evolved into a platform that supports a wide variety of websites. Blogging has become more of a feature than a central focus for the developers of the website building platform. You can present a portfolio, host a social network, and open an eCommerce store all in one convenient location in cyberspace.

2. Numerous Options for Themes

You would think a free website building platform might skimp on offering features. However, WordPress offers website builders a large number of different themes to fine-tune the appearance of websites. The platform offers basic and premium themes that are immediately available for new users to access. You also have the option to buy from a vast online theme inventory that runs into the thousands. WordPress connects you with reputable third-party web designers to help you achieve a professional look for your site.

3. Plugins Improve the Functionality of Your Site

Many new WordPress users come to the party to start basic websites that do not come with bells and whistles. After getting to know your way around the website building platform, you can search the plugin directory to add features that include galleries, contact forms, and shopping carts. You can install and uninstall plugins as your website changes.

4. High-Ranking Websites

Getting your website noticed online requires the use of proven SEO tactics that boost awareness in Google’s powerful search engine. WordPress sites rank high in Google’s search engine because of tools like Yoast SEO, which helps webmasters to discover the words potential visitors use to find their websites. The website building platform is especially helpful for novice digital marketers.

5. Travels Well on Mobile Devices

A rapidly growing number of people are getting information from websites by using mobile devices. The key to delivering content via a mobile device is to ensure the content downloads quickly, as well as adapts to the much smaller screen. WordPress websites have earned a reputation for being mobile-friendly.

6. More than Just WordPress Support

Because it is a free and open-source website building platform, WordPress supports an online community that allows experienced webmasters to provide tips for novices making their way into the world of website building. WordPress virtual camps held around the world give participants a way to share insights about how to maximize the themes and plugins created by WordPress.

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