JPG Wins Best In Website Design Category for RI Lawyers Weekly

JPG Designs Wins Best In Website Design Category for RI Lawyers Weekly 1

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We’re proud to announce that JPG Designs has been voted as the Best Website Designer from RI Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings!

How’s it Determined?

Every year, RI Lawyers Weekly holds their annual Reader Rankings, a compilation of the best of the best in all sorts of industries from marketing to IT providers and CRM software. It’s a way for attorneys to recognize the businesses and organizations that regularly support them in their practices, and is determined by individual votes from lawyers across the state of Rhode Island.

While lots of our business comes from online searches, we also get a substantial amount of referrals by word of mouth. After all, people tend to go with who they know. And they know us through strong, long-standing relationships within the local community.

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Why JPG Designs?

We’re asked to build more attorney websites than anything else. Why? Our strategy is all about solutions, much like theirs. Rather than focus solely on what looks good, we place priority on creating websites that efficiently and effectively solve problems for our clients. Need a solid online presence? Need a higher Google ranking? Have lots of ideas but not sure how to implement them? We have those answers, plus a proven plan of action to get the desired outcome.

But we don’t stop there. Every website we build enhances the business’s organic marketing through SEO and brand consistency, as well as provides a distinctive interface design and strong, concise content. Simply put, it’s our goal to get our clients noticed, even in a flooded market, so we take the time to truly understand their needs and goals, and what makes their business unique. We know that this is imperative for an outstanding end result.

We Are Truly Honored!

It’s an honor to be recognized for our work in the Rhode Island attorney realm. Coming in first out of 5 other highly-ranked website designers in Rhode Island is certainly a proud testament to our work, but also an indication that our clients remain some of the best in the state – no voting necessary!

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JPG Designs has been selected among the Top Web Design Companies in the USA by Designrush. JPG Designs DesignRush profile.

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