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Google changes its algos again — so you’d better get your site ready!
How these 3 updates change your SEO?
Sure thing, having their specific nature and goals, each of these updates affects Google SERPS in a specific way and requires specific content and link-building tactics for you to follow.
Still sounds like a task too tough to tackle? Then here is a quick “cheat sheet” to make sure your SEO stays on the right track (effective and absolutely safe) whatever new updates Google rolls out.

5 steps to effective content strategy
Site content is something that gets increasingly more important with every new Google’s update rolled out. The name of the game is relevance and your content needs to be deep and rich, rather than just fluff stuffed with keywords.
To get a better idea of how to adapt your content marketing strategy to the changes, you need to understand which mechanisms Google uses to determine relevance and quality and how each of them affects your site.
1. Avoid duplicate content within your site and stay away from low-quality scraped content:
Focus on producing your own, high-quality unique and fresh content
Make sure all of your pages have unique titles and meta descriptions (rewrite any duplicates you find), and use robots.txt file to hide from Google’s eyes any types of duplicate pages (such as your www and non-www page variants, paginated pages and so on)

2. Make sure your website includes enough textual content
Keep the articles you create long and detailed, intended to be valuable for the readers.
Make sure even the interaction-aimed pages are not left content-less.
Create rich media content (like videos, images, etc.), and make sure your non-textual content is formatted in a way search engines can see it.

3. Avoid keyword stuffing issues and stick to reasonable keyword density
Avoid putting a mere list of keywords in the page title (instead of making it descriptive or using your brand name.)
Avoid jamming keywords into the Meta Description instead of making it a call-to-action.
Avoid over optimizing H1. Fit keywords into these tags if it makes sense, but don’t waste time trying to get them into every single page or especially every single subtitle.
Avoid alone-standing keywords in the alt tags of images. Use a descriptive alt tag or none at all.

4. Make sure your content covers each of the 3 types (informational, navigational and transactional)
Create different types of content for different query types
Try determining all conversational phrases people are likely to use when searching for your services and try using them when possible.
For all the rest of conversational terms, use their shorter equivalents.

5. Expand your keyword research, focusing on synonyms and co-occurring terms to diversify your content.
To see which search terms Google considers synonymous, pay attention to related keywords, acronyms or spelling variants of your keywords highlighted in search results.

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