Why Your Business Can Benefit Greatly From Local SEO

Why Your Business Can Benefit Greatly From Local SEO

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Local SEO, also known as local referencing or natural referencing, is the cornerstone of visibility and the generation of prospects and customers online. What are the benefits of local SEO? Well, SEO is a tough and competitive game. Your site is at risk of drowning in the mass of websites that are jostling for positioning in the search engines.

The Benefits of local SEO

As an integral part of SEO strategies on search engines, local SEO aims to attract local traffic to a website. As a primary marketing tool, it is increasingly used by businesses wishing to attract customers from their city, district or region. Needless to say, a well-defined local optimization campaign is the perfect tool for generating leads and attracting visitors to your business.
The main objective of choosing a local referencing is to publicize the services of a company to a determined clientele. When a user searches for information about a product, he is much more interested in those who are close to him. This is why Google is increasingly promoting local investment. In particular, it helps attract new customers and retain old customers.
As another advantage, local SEO encourages Internet users to make many more acquisitions. If you have an e-commerce, then you may get a boost in sales. When a user comes to do local searches in Google, it is because he is looking for a particular product that he wants to buy.

The Benefits of local SEO

The importance of local SEO

Local SEO does not only concern small shops and brands in our neighborhoods. Almost any business can reap the benefits of this new marketing tool. Google itself has shown its penchant for small, but fresh and innovative companies. Most of PageRank depends on the reputation and actions of companies. Google also wants to provide people with what they want to find. This therefore consists in offering simpler and popular companies.

Some local SEO figures

To underline the importance of geographic referencing, let us recall that 46% of “googled” searches are local. 64% of internet users use search engines to find businesses in their city. 50% seek information on companies (address, telephone contact) before using their services. More and more people are turning to the Internet to find out the identity of a local business.
Did you SEO yourself locally?

Some local SEO figures

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