Understanding and Adapting to Reach your Target Audience

website analytics at jpg designs

In the world, your website acts as a storefront playing a crucial role, in determining your digital success. How can you accurately assess whether your website effectively engages with your intended audience? The solution lies in the realm of website analytics. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of website analytics in monitoring […]

Redefining Marketing Excellence: The Role of a Cutting-Edge Marketing Agency

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, businesses are continually looking for ways to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impact on their target audience. To achieve marketing excellence, brands need a cutting-edge marketing agency that offers innovative solutions, expert insights, and strategic guidance, all tailored to the unique requirements and goals […]

5 Quick Tips for Social Media Marketing

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With more than half of the world’s population using social media, it is now essential for businesses to have an online presence. Both large and small businesses use social media to increase their online visibility, attract followers, and connect with their audiences. Building your online brand, though, might feel like a daunting task due to […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Your Business in 2023

10 New Years Resolutions for Marketing Your Business

Simple Marketing Tips for 2023 Quick References Improve Your Local Search Rankings Create More Contact to Drive Traffic Be More Social Review & Audit Your Website Establish a Marketing Budget Take More Pictures & Videos Ask For More Referrals & Incentivize Stay Active with Email Marketing Get More Google Reviews Boost Your Website Conversions 1. […]

The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing

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Content writing can be difficult. Just consider these numbers. An astonishing 98 percent of all marketing teams say written content is their most-used content type, yet one in three marketers admit their content writing is only “somewhat” or “not so” effective. In other words, there’s a whole lot of content out there that isn’t doing […]

How to Plan & Prepare for a New Website Design

How to Plan Prepare for a New Website Design 1

Are you looking to get a new website created for your business? Are you having trouble trying to figure out where to start? Setting up a website for your business whether it be a brand new website or a revamp of an existing site can be a daunting task if you’re not prepared and don’t […]

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2022

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses in 2022

Email marketing success often depends on finding the right software. The best email marketing software for small businesses is affordable and easy to use for email campaign creation, automation, reporting, lead nurturing, and triggered emails to increase conversions. We compared dozens of providers and narrowed it to the six best email marketing services to make your […]

Online Marketing Vs. Print Advertising

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What is marketing? Marketing is the process of knowing one’s target audience and communicating effectively to sell one’s product or service. There are several marketing strategies to advertise a company’s products, including print advertising, digital marketing, social media campaigns, and web advertisements. An effective marketing strategy is to find your target market and where they […]

What’s Best for My Website, Professional Photography or Stock Photos?

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I often hear people say “I don’t need professional photography for my website,” or “we don’t need to hire a professional photographer for our site. We have plenty of stock images on our site already.” To me, that is a bit of wishful thinking. If you want to build a successful website with a large […]

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