9 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

Why are you here? Are you curious to see if your website needs to be re-designed or is it outdated? Maybe you’ve bееn thinking about an uрgrаdе оr revamping your website. Take a look at your site v.s. the competition in your area, if you don’t stack up to the competition then there is a very […]

3 Proven Tips to Improve Your Online Lead Conversions

Every marketer knows that conversions are key. Without conversions, there isn’t any money. The problem is that it can be extremely difficult to obtain a high conversion rate. Due to this, creating conversion strategies might seem like a senseless exercise. However, with the right tactics, you can boost your lead conversion rates to gain more […]

What Branding Strategies Are Best for Small Businesses in Rhode Island

What Branding Strategies Are Best for Small Businesses in Rhode Island ? Image: pexels.com Rhode Island is the 45th state in the US with a population of 1.06 million. There are 99,821 Small Businesses, which makes 98.9% of Rhode Island Businesses. If your business is among them, you have a lot of competitors, which is […]

5 Kinds of Software All Small Businesses Should Utilize

Small businesses can experience immense advantages as they automate parts of their business. Business software saves owner’s time and resources that they would otherwise have to spend if they attempted to perform all of these functions manually. Below are some software options for small businesses to consider deploying. Video Conferencing Software Face-to-face conversations are more […]

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard of SSL certificates, but are you aware of what they are and why they are important? If not, keep reading… SSL is an acronym for secure sockets layer. SSL certificates are the backbone of website security, and are vital for any business with an online presence, especially […]

Is the Reputation of Your Small Business Dragging Your Sales Down?

When most people start their businesses, they focus on how they will market the product, their target demographic and related issues. However, very few people think about branding. Few people understand what branding really entails and how the image their business is showing to the public could be affecting their sales. Here are some aspects […]

Build-a-Brand: How to Stand Out in a Flooded Market

Starting a new business could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. However, it’s understandably overwhelming to figure out how to break away from the competition. In this post, you’ll learn how to have your brand stand out in a flooded market. Having a Professional Designed Website In a recent article, Statista reported […]

How to Write Content for Your Small Business Website


Are you ready to launch your first website for your small business? Maybe you’re a new business or you are simply re-designing your website, either way, designing a website is an exciting element of owning your business. Your website is the core of who you are; especially if your business works around your site. With […]

Best Times to Post on Social Media – 2018

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Facebook The best time to post on Facebook is 1–4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends. Saturday and Sunday at 12–1 p.m. Thursday and Friday at 1–4 p.m. Wednesday at 3 p.m. When to post on Facebook in general to increase your shares and clickthroughs: 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 9 a.m. Instagram Instagram audiences are […]

JPG Designs Goes to: WordCamp US

Why JPG Designs wants to go to WordCamp US… Hi, I’m Jeff Pratt owner of JPG Designs, I own a small web design firm located in little Rhody (Rhode Island). We specialize in WordPress and work mostly with local clients. I was first introduced to WordPress about 8 years ago and haven’t stopped using it […]