How to Boost Your Brand Identity in 2020

How to Boost Your Brand Identity in 2020

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How to Boost Your Brand Identity in 2020

Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. You’re competing against other businesses in your industry, as well as firms vying for consumer attention. If you haven’t yet focused on boosting your identity, 2020 is the year to hone in on this crucial part of making your name more recognizable.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 B2B Content Marketing study revealed about 86% of marketers want to increase brand awareness. Unfortunately, only about 45% felt they were successful using content to build a brand. Getting your name out there is about much more than just producing great content. Articles and videos are only one part of a much longer equation that makes you recognizable to your core audience.

We spent some time thinking through the best ways to advance a company name both online and offline. We’ve come up with nine of the best tips for increasing an organization’s familiarity with consumers.


  • 1. Choose a Strong Message


People tend to remember companies that stand for something and communicate their passions. Think about brands such as TOMS, which donates a pair of shoes for every one bought. What do you care about, and how can you turn that into a message your customers want to hear?


  • 2. Add Voice Search Capability


More homes have smart speakers today. People also use their mobile devices to search for local businesses. “Hey, Siri, what is the closest Italian restaurant?” If your site isn’t ready for voice search, now is the time to add this ability.

The key to indicating to Google that your site is voice search friendly is to think in natural language terms. What would a person say if they wanted to find a business or topic like yours? Make sure your brand has the answer. For example, “ABC Company recommends you bake chocolate chip cookies at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes.”


  • 3. Wrap Your Vehicles


No matter how big or small or company is, you can get the word out in your local community by wrapping company or personal vehicles. Vinyl wraps are an inexpensive way to advertise, and the ad lasts for several years. Make sure you keep it simple. Find a memorable phone number, such as 1-800-Got-Bugs. The easier the information is for people to remember, the more likely consumers will think of you when they need your product or service.


  • 4. Pretend Your Brand Is a Person


You’ve probably heard the advice to give your brand a personality. What does that mean, exactly? Pretend your company is a person. Is it funny or serious? Is it outgoing or introverted? Think through the core of your business and the tone you want to put out. You can even give your brand a persona just as you do your buyers. The more specific you are, the more consistent your efforts will be.

Also, consider the values of your persona. People are more likely to pay attention to a business that shares their core beliefs.


  • 5. Get an Attitude on Social Media


There are millions of firms on social media, all clamoring for the attention of users. One way you can stand out is to take an attitude. Be careful, as there is a fine line between being a little sassy and being rude. However, if you hire a social media manager with tons of personality and an understanding of human psychology, you should be fine.

One example of this type of branding appears on Wendy’s Twitter account. Whoever manages it makes snarky little comments about other burger joints and adds funny asides that entertain people. These posts are shared over and over due to their sassiness.


  • 6. Put Audience Needs First


Your need as a brand is to increase your exposure and recruit new customers. However, if you present your branding with that focus, it’s going to fall flat. Instead, hone in on the needs of your audience. What problem does your product solve for them? About 88% of top-performing marketers put the audience’s needs over their sales message.


  • 7. Sponsor Local Organizations


All your branding doesn’t need to be online. Offline opportunities in your local community provide a chance to build a relationship with people. Think about organizations you care about in your town and offer to support them. If you own a pizza parlor and the local sports teams often come in at the end of their season to celebrate, then you might sponsor uniforms for one or more groups.

On the other hand, if you make paper products, you might be more inclined to support local environmental efforts, such as a group that plants trees for future generations. Think about your values and choose the causes that matter to you and your customers.


  • 8. Use Consistent Imagery


You’ve probably heard you should be consistent with your branding. People often have to see something five to seven times before it sticks in their brains. The more consistent you are with your efforts, the more likely they’ll remember you sooner rather than later. Images used in your branding should be the same or very similar. Use your company color palette everywhere you appear. Use the same logo and even the same photos to enhance the message. Drum the same thing home over and over again.


  • 9. Train Brand Ambassadors


You may want to jump into the influencer world and get the word out about your product through others. Some companies hire street teams to go out in the community and share information. Create a set of guidelines for those representing you, so the message is one you want associated with your business. When you branch out and have other people speaking for you, everyone must start with the same set of rules and understanding about who you are as a brand.


  • Track Brand Mentions


Set up alerts on sites such as Talkwalker and Google, so when your brand name shows up, you receive an email. You need to know about feedback, both positive and negative, to ensure it matches the image you want for your company. Reputation management is as important as name building. Focus on both, and you’ll wind up with a nearly unstoppable household name.

Blog Writer Credit: Lexie is a digital nomad and web designer. When she’s not traveling to various parts of the country, you can find her at the local flea markets or hiking with her goldendoodle. Check out her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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